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Infinity Monitoring

Infinity Monitoring

Reduce risk and build safer workplaces with Infinity Monitoring

Infinity Monitoring

Employers must conduct regular background checks on current employees to avoid any misconduct or inability to work later on. It is not enough to only conduct these checks at the start of employment. Continuous monitoring is crucial to keep track of any potential issues and alert employers immediately. This ongoing monitoring service is necessary for maintaining a safe and trustworthy work environment.


How It Works

  1. Enrollment:

  2. Baseline:

  3. Alert Scans:

  4. Report Goes to QA:

Here are some compelling reasons to incorporate continuous monitoring into your background check process:

  • Employees work in customers’ homes.

  • Employees work with children.

  • Employees drive or operate machinery.

  • Workforce has a history of criminal activity.

  • There is a high turnover among the workforce.

  • Business operates in a highly-regulated industry.

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