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OmniID - ID Verification and OmniID Selfie

OmniID - ID Verification and OmniID Selfie

Identity Verification made very simple

OmniID - ID Verification

OmniID allows customers to decrease the risk of identity fraud by giving them the ability to combine identity verification into the background check process. Seamlessly collect and instantly validate photo IDs, driver licenses, and passports. In short, OmniID is a fast, automated mobile tool to verify identity. With OmniID, you can:

  1. Verify correct name/dob is on the background

  2. Verify the person applying for the background is the same person pictured on the ID

  3. Validate in seconds

  4. Detect fake & duplicate IDs

This tool works similarly to the past address history trace and can be used in conjunction with it to help decrease background check fraud.

OmniID is compatible with Swifthire Mobile and can be completed on mobile or desktop. This product is not intended for use with HR or Admin module orders.

How it works:

There will be a new search type to support each product:

  • OmniID Check (ID Verification)-Verifies photo IDs, driver licenses, and passports

  • OmniID Selfie Match (ID Verification with Selfie Match)-Verifies photo IDs, driver licenses, passports and uses AI Technology to match it against a Selfie Photo taken in real-time

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