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Automated Reference Checks


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Automated Reference Checks

Our automated reference check system streamlines the process of checking references for potential hires. Say goodbye to the hassle of playing phone tag and dealing with full voicemails. Our system eliminates the need for manual calls, saving you valuable time. Plus, it's affordable and easy to use. Try our automated reference check system today and experience a more efficient hiring process.

The issue at hand is:

  1. Making phone calls manually can be a time-consuming task

  2. Playing phone tag can be frustrating

  3. The referee's voicemail is often full

  4. It takes an average of three calls to get in touch with someone

  5. Three to five minutes are wasted per call

  6. Employing a third-party reference check service can be costly.

The solution is: SwiftReference

  1. Don't have to worry about making those time-consuming calls, SwiftReference will send the request automatically to the employer or landlord through text or email.

  2. Cuts out the need to play phone tag by making the Reference Check available through convenient methods.

  3. We do it for much less than the competitors.


  1. Reference Automation

  2. Easy template creation

  3. ATS, HR, SHRM Module ordering

  4. Works with our bundle of tools such as OmniHire etc.

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