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Omnidelve Signs on with Fama

Social Media Background Check

Your background checks just got EPIC!

Justina S.

Dec 6, 2023

Oklahoma City, OK – December 5, 2023 – Brace yourselves, business owners and curious minds alike, because a power couple has emerged from the shadows of the internet, ready to revolutionize your screening game. Omnidelve, the nation's leading pre-employment and tenant background check powerhouse, has joined forces with FAMA, Inc., the social media background check whisperer whose skills are nothing short of legendary.

Imagine this: the unmatched depth of Omnidelve's data dives, fused with FAMA's laser-sharp ability to uncover the hidden truths lurking in online profiles. It's like having a psychic ferret who not only sniffs out secrets but also breaks out into a synchronized tap dance routine. Okay, maybe not the tap dancing, but the point is, this partnership is about to change the way you screen.

So, what does this epic union mean for you? Buckle up, because here's the good stuff:

  • Omnidelve's Social Media Background Checks: Powered by the mighty FAMA, this is your chance to go beyond the resume and the charming interview facade. See the full picture of potential hires and tenants, from their online communities to their digital footprint. No more red flags slipping through the cracks, no more "passionate jet skiers" secretly hoarding flamethrowers.

  • Rent with Confidence: Landlords, rejoice! No more sleepless nights wondering if your next tenant is a rent-dodging rogue in disguise. Omnidelve's Social Media Background Checks, powered by FAMA's intel, give you the power to make informed decisions and protect your property.

  • Mitigate Risk, Maximize Success: Whether you're hiring for your team or welcoming someone into your rental, uncovering potential red flags early on is priceless. Omnidelve and FAMA's combined expertise help you make informed decisions, reduce risk, and set yourself up for success.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full power of data and social media smarts. Visit our website today and unleash the ultimate screening weapon. We promise, it'll be more exciting than watching paint dry (unless you're into that sort of thing, no judgment).

P.S. We're also accepting applications for our ferret training program. Just kidding… maybe.


About Omnidelve:

Omnidelve is the nationwide leader in pre-employment and tenant background checks, providing businesses with the most accurate and comprehensive data available. We're passionate about helping businesses make smarter decisions and create safe and productive environments. Now, with the power of FAMA's social media expertise, our screening solutions are more powerful than ever.

About FAMA, Inc.:

FAMA, Inc. is the social media background check whisperer, unearthing hidden truths and red flags that traditional searches miss. Their cutting-edge technology and experienced team give businesses the power to see the whole picture online and off. Now, their talents are fueling Omnidelve's Social Media Background Checks, making them the ultimate tool for informed decision-making.

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