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E-Verify Service

Don't want to worry about the hassle of E-Verify, use us!

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E-Verify Service

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E-Verify Services

Omnidelve is a trusted provider of E-Verify services. Our experienced team offers employers an efficient and secure way to confirm their employee's work authorization status online. We help employers manage the complexities of verifying identity documents, ensuring accuracy and compliance with federal regulations. With Omnidelve, you will get fast, reliable results that you can trust. With our expertise, your business will be able to focus on what matters most – growing your business and maintaining a successful workforce. Contact us today for more information about our E-Verify services!

We understand that the verification process is complex and requires careful analysis of many factors.

Therefore, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to help employers through the entire E-Verify process. Our services include:

Identity Verification: We review government-issued documents from every new hire to ensure that they are valid and accurately represent the employee’s identity.

Document Authentication: We use advanced technology to authenticate any documents that are required for the E-Verify process.

System Administration: We manage the E-Verify system to ensure it is up and running smoothly without any hiccups.

Onboarding Assistance: We provide step-by-step guidance for employers on how to go about setting up their E-Verify accounts and submitting the appropriate documents.

Compliance Monitoring: We keep a close eye on all E-Verify requirements to make sure employers remain compliant with the latest regulations.

By leveraging our expertise, employers can rest assured that their E-Verify process is completely accurate and secure. Our team of knowledgeable experts is here

  • E-Verify Employer Agent for Web Services

  • Immediate Results

  • Easy One-Click or Automatic E-Verify processing from the Electronic Form I-9

  • E-Verify only options

  • Compliance Dashboard Monitoring

    • Action Required Status

    • No Action Required Status

    • Inappropriate Case Closure Database

  • Photo Tool Document Retention Alerts

  • Management Alerts – TNC’s, Updates and Case Closure

  • Federal Contractor E-Verify Best Practices

  • Reporting and Training

  • Implementation and Best Practices Consulting

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