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Education Verification Service


Education Verification



What You Need to Know

Omnidelve's Education Verification Service provides a thorough and reliable way to confirm an individual's claimed educational background. We utilize a combination of advanced technology and traditional methods to deliver accurate and timely results. This service is ideal for employers, background screening companies, and any organization requiring verification of educational credentials.

Hire qualified candidates

Certain positions require a formal education or degree; confirm your candidate’s knowledge, skills and ability.

Identify any discrepancies

Certain positions require a formal education or degree; confirm your candidate’s knowledge, skills and ability.

Mitigate risk to your business

Education verification mitigates the risk of hiring a candidate with false education credentials and protects against liability claims.

Our Verification Process:

Omnidelve leverages a multi-pronged approach to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of our verification process. We utilize a variety of methods and vendors, including:

  • National Student Clearinghouse: This trusted partner allows us to electronically verify enrollment and degree information from thousands of participating institutions.

  • Direct communication: We may contact the educational institution directly via email, telephone, or fax, depending on your preference and the institution's policies.

  • Public record searches: We may access public records to supplement our verification efforts, where permitted by law.

Who is the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC)?

The National Student Clearinghouse is a nonprofit organization that serves as a central hub for education data and information in North America. Founded in 1993, they have a network of over 3,600 colleges and universities, representing 97% of postsecondary enrollment.

The NSC acts as a bridge between institutions, students, and other stakeholders, providing valuable services in three key areas:

  • Reporting: The NSC collects and maintains a massive database of enrollment and degree data from participating institutions. This data allows them to generate reports on a variety of topics, such as national enrollment trends, student outcomes, and completion rates.

  • Verification: The NSC offers services to verify a student's enrollment status, degree attainment, and other educational credentials. This is useful for employers, lenders, and other organizations that need to confirm a student's academic background.

  • Research: The NSC conducts and publishes research on a wide range of topics related to higher education. Their research reports are used by policymakers, educators, and researchers to understand the current state of higher education and make informed decisions.

When to Use

This service is ideal for any situation where verifying an individual's educational background is crucial, such as:

  • Employment screening: Ensure job candidates possess the claimed educational qualifications.

  • Professional licensing: Verify educational requirements for professional licensure.

  • Academic partnerships: Confirm the academic credentials of individuals involved in collaborations.

  • Rental applications: Verify educational attainment for tenant screening purposes.

What is Revealed

Our Education Verification Service typically reveals the following information, subject to availability and verification by the issuing institution:

  • Degree earned: Name of the degree, major, and graduation date.

  • Institution attended: Name and location of the educational institution.

  • Enrollment verification: Confirmation of attendance dates, if applicable.

  • Degree verification: Validation of the issued degree, if applicable.

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