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Permission Based Employment and Pay History


Automated Income Verification, Permission Based Employment History, Verifications




What You Need to Know

Permission-Based Employment Verification
An Alternative to the Leading Provider!

Amidst the constantly changing world of employment verification, it is crucial for employers and employees to have immediate access to precise information at an affordable rate. What if there was a game-changing option that could revolutionize the way employment verification is conducted while costing a fraction of the price compared to the leading supplier of verifications?

Introducing Workproof - an innovative product that utilizes official W2 transcripts from the IRS to automate the entire verification process, providing a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Instant Verification

Are you tired of waiting for days or even weeks to receive employment verification? Workproof has the solution for you! Our platform offers real-time verification by connecting directly to the IRS W2 database. This means that we can access your employment records instantly and provide you with the verification you need in a matter of seconds.

No more waiting in frustration or worrying about delays. With Workproof, you can trust that your employment verification needs will be met quickly and efficiently. So why wait? Ask about Workproof today and experience the convenience of real-time employment verification!

Instant Verification with Workproof

Employment verification happens in real-time. Our direct connection to the IRS W2 database allows us to instantly access employment records and provide verification on the spot. No more waiting around for days or weeks to hear back. Get the proof you need in seconds rather than days.

100% Accurate: Information

Avoid the risk of hiring based on misleading or fabricated data. Workproof obtains employment information straight from the source - the IRS's W2 records. With our verification, you can rely on complete accuracy and the latest updates. No more second-guessing or speculations. Make your hiring decisions with assurance.

Income Verification

In addition to being able to verify a candidates employment history based off of their annual taxes from year to year, this tool also verifies income at each employer. This is a very useful feature that our clients absolutely have fallen in love with! Primarily because it is very obvious,the information is from the IRS and thus making it secure and very much accuerate!

Initiating a Report Request

Currently Workproof reports can be inititated by a consumer and by employer clients. For more information on how to order if you are a consumer, please go here!

If you are an employer this request is done through Client Portal and is already available in your list of available products.

It is that simple!

When to Use

Protecting Your Business with Omnidelve Permission Based Employment and Income Verification

In today's competitive rental market, landlords and employers are increasingly seeking ways to verify the employment and income of potential tenants and employees. This is because accurate employment and income verification can help to:

  • Reduce the risk of fraud and non-payment: By verifying that a tenant or employee is actually employed and earning the income they claim to be, landlords and employers can reduce the risk of being defrauded or having their rent or wages go unpaid.

  • Make better decisions about tenant selection and hiring: Accurate employment and income information can help landlords and employers make informed decisions about who to rent to or hire. For example, a landlord may be more likely to rent to a tenant who has a stable employment history and a high income. Similarly, an employer may be more likely to hire a candidate who has a verifiable employment record and the skills and experience they need for the job.

  • Improve tenant retention and employee satisfaction: When tenants and employees know that their employment and income information has been verified, they may be more likely to stay with their current landlord or employer. This can save landlords and employers the time and money it costs to find and replace tenants or employees.

Omnidelve Permission Based Employment and Income verification is a secure and reliable way to verify the employment and income of potential tenants and employees. With Omnidelve, tenants and employees can easily grant permission for their employment and income information to be verified. 

Omnidelve then uses a variety of data sources to verify this information, including:

  • Direct connections to employers: Omnidelve has direct connections to many employers, which allows us to verify employment information quickly and easily.

  • Third-party data providers: Omnidelve may also use third-party data providers to supplement the information we gather from direct connections to employers.

What is Revealed

Omnidelve's Permission Based Employment and Income Verification (IRS) (WorkProof) is a valuable tool for landlords and employers who want to make sure they are renting to or hiring the right people. By verifying employment and income information, landlords and employers can reduce the risk of fraud and non-payment, make better decisions about tenant selection and hiring, and improve tenant retention and employee satisfaction.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Omnidelve Permission Based Employment and Income Verification (IRS) also offers the following advantages:

  • It is a secure and confidential way to verify employment and income information.

  • It is easy to use for both landlords and employers.

  • It is affordable.

  • It is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

If you are a landlord or employer who is looking for a way to verify the employment and income of potential tenants or employees, I encourage you to consider using Omnidelve Permission Based Employment and Income verification.

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