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Employment Verification, Education Verification, Personal and Professional Verification



2-3 Days, Depending on Respondent

What You Need to Know

Reference Verification

Personal Reference

Designed to confirm personal qualities through contact with a business or personal references. They can help determine an individual's name, title, personal characteristics, and other basic information. 

During the screening and hiring process, employers conduct reference checks to obtain information about a candidate’s previous work experience, such as the candidate’s soft skills, character, general reputation, and personal characteristics, that an Employment Verification does not provide.

Professional Reference

  1. Verify the candidate’s reputation and trustworthiness

  2. Gather a realistic assessment of the candidate in the workplace

  3. Determine whether the candidate is a good fit for the position

  4. Make informed decisions about who to hire

Education Verification

National Student Clearinghouse

An education verification search checks an applicant's education records. Information returned from our vendor may include:

  1. Dates attended

  2. Degrees earned

  3. Honors

  4. GPA

This search type can help users confirm an applicant's credentials and verify that a diploma, degree, or any certificates were received.

Electronic Education Verification

Request Sheets

Education Verify Form
Request sheets can be used to email or fax a request directly to a school or institution.

If you are a client who prefers to conduct more thorough reference verifications, our Electronic Education Verification option is a great fit for your organization. This tool allows you to create or select a set of questions specific to your needs, and then generate an electronic form that can be sent to educational institutions across the United States and Canada.

Here are some of the benefits of using our Inhouse Omnidelve Electronic Education Verification:

  • You can customize the questions to get the information you need about the candidate's education and experience.

  • You can send the form to multiple institutions at once, which saves you time and effort.

  • The form is secure and confidential, so you can be confident that the candidate's privacy is protected.

If you are interested in learning more about our Inhouse Omnidelve Education Verification Network, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started.

Once you have entered the information to send the request, the recipient will receive the request sheet (either by fax or email). The email is sent from the default system email, located in the system profile. 

Employment Verification and Search

An employment verification search checks employers' records during an individual's stated period of employment. This search type can help users and clients verify the information that was provided on a resume. This information can be valuable to clients.

 Users can run two separate verifications at the same time or run a DOT and Non-DOT on the same applicant at the same time. Each search will have identical options but can be set up with its unique settings. 

The Importance Of Employment History Verification:

Employers and Landlords verify employment history to confirm the information provided by a candidate is true; the work experience is sufficient to meet the position’s requirements; and past titles, achievements, or responsibilities are valid.

Employment Verification helps you:

  • Hire qualified candidates or placed that new tenant more quickly

  • Ensure your candidate’s employment history is accurate

  • Confirm your candidate has the skills and experience required

  • Mitigate the risk of hiring a candidate with false credentials.

Consumer Permissioned-Based Verification

Using consumer-permission data, Omnidelve provides the verified identity, income, and employment data points you need. Truv enables you to improve turnaround times and save money relative to instant databases.

This service will send a text alert to the candidate's mobile phone to begin the process of verification. The candidate will then follow the links to verify income and employment history by logging into the accounts they are located. (ADP, Workforce, to name a few.)

For Employment based consumer permission, we use:

  • Omnidelve Quickapp

  • Empinfo, Inc.

For Tenant Consumer permission, we use:

  • Payscore

When to Use

Why use Omnidelve Verification Services?

  • Streamlined hiring and onboarding: Omnidelve verifies employment history, education, and credentials quickly and efficiently, saving you time and resources.

  • Reduced risk of fraud and identity theft: Our comprehensive verification process helps to protect your business from fraudulent applications and ensures the identities of your employees and tenants.

  • Increased compliance: Omnidelve complies with all relevant federal and state regulations, giving you peace of mind that your verification process is accurate and legal.

  • Improved decision-making: Gain valuable insights into potential employees and tenants with detailed verification reports, helping you make informed decisions about your workforce and housing arrangements.

When should you use Omnidelve?

  • Hiring new employees: Verify employment history, education, and professional licenses to ensure you are hiring qualified candidates.

  • Onboarding new tenants: Confirm identity, rental history, and employment details to protect your property and community.

  • Conducting background checks: Gain valuable insights into potential employees or tenants with comprehensive background checks.

  • Meeting regulatory requirements: Ensure compliance with federal and state regulations regarding employment and housing verification.

Omnidelve Verification Services provides the peace of mind you need to make informed decisions and build a strong team or community. Contact us today to learn more!

What is Revealed

Unearth the facts and gain confidence with our comprehensive education verification service.

This essential tool allows employers to confirm the validity of a candidate's educational

background, ensuring they possess the qualifications they claim. Our thorough process reveals:

  • Enrollment verification: Was the candidate truly enrolled at the stated institutions?

  • Degree verification: Did they earn the degrees or certifications listed?

  • Dates of attendance: Confirm the accuracy of claimed attendance periods.

  • Major and field of study: Verify the candidate's area of expertise.

  • Academic disciplinary history: Uncover any potential issues or concerns.

Benefits of Employer Verification for Education:

  • Reduce the risk of hiring fraud and protect your organization from potential liabilities.

  • Make informed hiring decisions based on accurate and verified credentials.

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and ethical hiring practices.

  • Gain peace of mind knowing you're building a team with qualified professionals.

Features of our service:

  • Fast and efficient: Get results quickly and reliably.

  • Secure and confidential: Protect sensitive information with our robust security measures.

  • Cost-effective: Tailor your verification needs to fit your budget.

  • Easy-to-use platform: Access reports and manage your verifications effortlessly.

Invest in trust and transparency. Choose Employer Verification for Education and build a foundation for success.


Personal & Professional References Report: Uncover the Full Picture

Maximize your hiring potential with comprehensive insights into your candidate's character and work ethic. Our Personal & Professional References Report delves beyond traditional qualifications, revealing valuable information that can't be found on resumes or cover letters.

What You'll Discover:

  • Character and Integrity: Gain valuable insights into the candidate's personality, values, and ethical behavior.

  • Work Ethic and Performance: Uncover firsthand accounts of the candidate's dedication, productivity, and contributions in previous roles.

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Assess the candidate's ability to collaborate effectively, build relationships, and communicate clearly.

  • Leadership and Management Potential: Evaluate the candidate's ability to lead, delegate, and motivate others.

  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills: Gain insight into the candidate's ability to think critically, solve problems effectively, and make sound decisions.

  • Confirmation of Employment and Educational Background: Verify the candidate's work history and educational qualifications.


  • Reduced Hiring Risk: Make informed hiring decisions based on substantiated information.

  • Improved Candidate Matching: Identify candidates whose skills, values, and work ethic align perfectly with your company culture and requirements.

  • Enhanced Onboarding: Gain valuable pre-employment insights to tailor onboarding programs and ensure a smooth transition for new hires.

  • Increased Employee Retention: Make data-driven hiring decisions that lead to a more satisfied and engaged workforce.

Our comprehensive report is:

  • Confidential: We ensure strict confidentiality throughout the investigation process.

  • Time-Saving: Our experienced team quickly gathers and analyzes information, saving you valuable time and resources.

  • Easy to understand: Our concise report format presents information clearly and efficiently.

Invest in your company's future with insightful candidate evaluations. Order your Personal and professional References Report today!


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