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Pre-employment background checks can help Arizona employers learn more about their job applicants’ work experience, education, qualifications, criminal history, driving records, and more. While the state of Arizona does not restrict private-sector employers from conducting background screenings on job applicants, employers may still need to navigate federal, state, and local laws to ensure a fair hiring process. Learn more about conducting pre-employment background checks in Arizona.

What Is An Arizona Background Check?

Arizona employers use pre-employment screenings to gain additional insight into the background of a job applicant, contractor, or volunteer. Comprehensive Background Checks may include the following:

  • National, federal, state, and county criminal background checks

  • Education and license verifications

  • Driving record (MVR) checks

  • Credit reports

  • Employment verifications

  • Identity verification

Why Employers Need Background Checks In AZ

Making informed hiring decisions is important to maintaining a safe and productive workplace. 

Employment background checks in Arizona provide key findings that may include:

  • Misdemeanor and felony convictions

  • Driver’s license status and driving history

  • Job history and references

  • Education and degree verification

  • Professional license verification

  • Credit payment history and bankruptcies

  • Detection of illicit substances

How Long Does A Background Check Take In Arizona?

 Turna around times on a background check in Arizona depend on the scope of the search and whether you choose to conduct the search yourself or work with a qualified CRA.

Conducting your own background checks can be labor intensive. Finding and contacting multiple government agencies, past employers, educational institutions—then waiting on results—can be time-consuming. Additionally, searching county court records sometimes requires in-person visits to the local courthouse. Screening multiple job applicants only multiplies the workload—and lengthens your timeline.

CRAs provide a single point of contact for multiple background check searches, simplifying the process for employers. Turnaround times for employment background checks typically range from one to five business days. CRAs often have access to databases that provide fast, accurate results: Omnidelve's platform, for example, curates and hosts more than billions of records from more than 2,100 regularly updated sources, and continuously evaluates new sources for the most up-to-date data.

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