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Background Check in Oklahoma

Oklahoma background checks can be useful for finding out the true nature of someone. Official background checks are conducted through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). Official background checks are used by employers, landlords, and financial organizations. Oklahoma does not restrict most employers from using criminal, financial, education, driving, and other public records during the hiring process.

Unofficial background checks cannot be used for employment, tenancy, or loans, but can provide lots of information about Oklahoma residents. Unofficial background checks are performed using Oklahoma public records access. Public records will let Oklahoma residents know more about:

  • Neighbors.

  • Friends.

  • Family.

  • Enemies.

  • Romantic Interests.

  • Your daughter’s new “friend.”

Informal background checks are performed by accessing Oklahoma public records in various ways. Some information is easy to find, and some require more effort. Either way, an unofficial background check can be accomplished by anyone who wants to know more about a resident of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Criminal Background Checks

In Oklahoma and other states, background checks are used to limit the firearms possession by the mentally ill, drug addicts, or convicted felons. Although the state has minimal gun laws and no requirement for a permit or registration, it is illegal to sell a gun to anyone a disqualified individual. Law enforcement requires a permit for concealed carry of a handgun, which may not be carried into any establishment that sells alcohol, allows gambling, or is a school or government building.

What arrest records would show in background report

  • Warrants  – Both name and fingerprint-based official background checks will include active warrants, but will not show warrants that have been resolved. Individuals can determine if they have a warrant by contacting the local law enforcement or searching online through the relevant county website. Anyone may find out if a resident of Oklahoma has a warrant using a last name-first name search through the relevant county law enforcement website.

  • DUI – Convictions for DUI will be reported on background checks for at least ten years. Generally, background checks for employment in non-driving positions will only show for seven years. Oklahoma does not restrict how long a DUI will show on a background check.

  • Drug / Marijuana  – Misdemeanor and felony drug charges show in a background check.

  • Sex Offenders  – Sex offender convictions are easily determined and may be searched online or requested through the OSBI. The sex offender registry is public information.

  • Probation  – Active sentencing will typically be included in official background checks in Oklahoma. Completed sentences for parole or probation will not generally be reported. The initial conviction will be included.

  • Mugshots  – Oklahoma does not restrict mugshots from being included in a background check, but usually, they are not included. Most official background checks performed through the OSBI will list convictions, but will not provide detailed information.

  • Juvenile  – Juvenile records may be included in an official background check. Oklahoma does not restrict juvenile records if an adult would be charged with a felony for committing the same crime. Oklahoma does not specify which felonies would be included.

Is Employment Background Check Legal?

Although the state has enacted a policy that does not allow an employer or supervisor to ask about an applicant’s felony conviction status during the first job interview, many employers will discriminate against those with felonies, including schools, hospitals, prisons, financial institutions. Others who will request a background check with an application are military recruiters, adoption agencies, immigration officials, and those who approve international travel. At times clerical errors or omissions may show up on criminal records, making it important to get a copy of your own record for review.

Background check for employment in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has few rules restricting the use of background checks for employment. Oklahoma follows federal rules established through the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission.

Oklahoma has “Ban the Box” laws that prevent public employers from asking about an applicant’s criminal history until at least the first interview. The EEOC has recommended that employers refrain from asking about arrests and convictions on job applications, as some of these questions have been found to violate anti-discrimination laws.

Employers must request that prospective employees sign a consent form to conduct a background check. Applicants are entitled to a free copy of background checks used for employment in Oklahoma.

  • Child Care  – Under the Affordable Care Act and Oklahoma State law, any individual employed in a capacity that interacts with children is required to submit to a state and federal fingerprint-based background check. Individuals convicted of certain crimes are ineligible to work in child care industries.

  • Education  – Oklahoma has specific state laws regulating individuals working in education. Federal and state criminal background checks are required pre-employment and during employment. Employers may conduct background checks on individuals employed in education at any time.

  • Public Employment  – Any job that is offered by a state, local, or county agency, and most businesses that do business with these groups, will require a federal and state criminal background check. Certain convictions will prevent individuals from employment. Public employers are prevented from asking about criminal convictions or arrests until the first interview.

DUI in Background Reports

Driving records are a type of background check used by companies whose employees make deliveries, operate machinery, or use company-owned vehicles. Your Oklahoma driving record contains information about moving violations, DUIs, tickets, and other vehicle-related incidents from Oklahoma and other states. Use this link to get a copy of your driving record and acurracy.

Oklahoma Public Records Act and Laws for Background Check The Oklahoma Open Records Act makes most documents created by government agencies to be recorded and stored, and made available for public inspection. This may include court records, criminal records, and many other types of records available through public records searches. In addition to the Oklahoma Open Records Act, the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act ensures that most meetings by local, state, or county governments, among others, must hold meetings open to the public. Records of the minutes of meetings are held as public documents as well. Residents of Oklahoma can access most records in the state, but knowing where to go and how to access public records is complicated. Lots of websites offer free background checks, but most of these sites will charge to display “free” documents.
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